SME IPO GMP (IPO Grey Market Premium)

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SME IPOPrice RangeToday GMPKostakSauda
Kuberan Global Edu IPO20Ended--
EKI Energy Services IPO100 - 102Ended--
NIKS Technology IPO201Ended--
Rangoli Tradecomm IPO207Ended--
KMEW IPO37Ended--
Ashapuri Gold Ornament (FPO)81Ended--
ADJIA Technologies IPO74Ended--
Pavna Industries IPO165Ended--
Party Cruisers IPO51Ended--
Net Pix Shorts Digital Media IPO30Ended--
Shine Fashions IPO40Ended--
Bodhi Tree Multimedia IPO95Ended--
Atal Realtech IPO72Ended--
AAA Technologies IPO42Ended--
Sigma Solve IPO45Ended--
Veer Global IPO28Ended--

What is SME IPO Grey Market Premium ?

IPO GMP or Grey Market Premium is the estimated price of the Unlisted IPO to assume the Market momentum of that IPO. Eg. – If the IPO price comes at 100 Rs. Per share, and the GMP is Rs. 5 then the Listing will be estimated at Rs. 105 Per Share.

What is SME IPO Kostak Rates ?

Kostak Rates is the amount that investors pays to the seller of IPO application before the IPO listing.

What is SME IPO GMP Price Band ?

IPO GMP Price Band is the Price at which an IPO comes to List in the market.

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